• Becca McCulloch

Review: Wombat & Jones

Wombat and Jones are excited to attend the famous Boris Beaker's banana bread baking class and like many other friends in town they can't wait to get to work on making scrumptious banana bread. However, there’s just one problem — before class gets underway, Boris discovers that all of the bananas have gone missing!

Boris Beaker and his disappointed students know there is no chance they can make banana bread without this key ingredient, but Wombat isn’t willing to give up that easily. Putting her investigative skills to the test, she gets help from her trusty sidekick — Furlock Jones — and together they attempt to solve The Great Banana Mystery.

Written by author Arran Francis, creator of multiple series for BBC's CBeebies Radio, Wombat & Jones: The Great Banana Mystery is a funny tale about friendship, problem-solving, and teamwork. Simple mistakes and jumping to conclusions can happen after all, but Wombat & Jones try their best to put it right and learn from them.


Such an adorable story! Wombat & Jones makes for great protagonists on this cute journey to solve the great banana caper. The story is age-appropriate and very fun. It's simple enough for small readers but entertaining enough for the whole family. This is a great choice for a family readaloud.

We listened to this as an audiobook. The performance is friendly, energetic and easy for children to follow. My kids like to listen to books as we travel around for errands. This one easily kept them entertained. They've asked for more!

Where to get it:

https://www.wombatandjones.org/thegreatbananamystery It can be streamed or borrowed from libraries too

Author Bio –

Arran Francis is the creator of multiple series for BBC's CBeebies Radio and has worked as an audiobook producer on behalf of MacMillan Audio, Audible and Harper Collins. He launched Wombat and Jones Audio in 2019 with the aim of writing children’s novels to be released exclusively in audiobook format.

The audiobooks for the Daisy May’s Daydream Parade and Wombat & Jones series were released last summer with further books in the series and standalone titles being scheduled for publication in 2020.

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