• Becca McCulloch

Review: Sometimes in Bath

The stories and History of 'Britain's most elegant and intriguing city'. Sometimes in Bath is a captivating story-tour through the city's history conducted by Charles Nevin, the award-winning journalist, national newspaper columnist, author and humorist. Beau Nash, Old King Bladud, young Horatio Nelson, Jane Austen's Mr Bennet, the Emperor Haile Selassie and many more spring to life in episodes shimmering with the curious magic of Britain's oldest resort and premier purveyor of good health, happiness and romance for the last 2000 years. Each story has an afterword distinguishing the fiction from fact, adding enthralling historical detail - and giving visitors useful links to Bath's many sights and fascinations. Sometimes in Bath is warm, witty, wistful and will be loved by all who come to and from this most enchanting and enchanted of cities.


What a delightful collection of stories! They have been the delight of my quarantine. I don't get much time for reading, so these wonderful little glimpses of Bath were perfect bite-sized endings to my day.

Bath is one of my favorite cities. I love how it feels like every era since the dawn of the British isles collided to form the streets. Each civilization left its own graffiti - and these stories reflect that feeling of old and new crashing together to create a truly timeless location.

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Charles Nevin is a British national newspaper journalist of many years standing and the author of both fiction and non-fiction books.


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