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Review: One Last Shot


One Last Shot concludes the trilogy of Freddie and Jo-Jo, which has moved through time in a series of flashbacks, showing how the couple fell in love as teenagers, why they drifted apart, what happened in their lives away from each other, and what happens when they meet up again over three decades later. At the end of the second book, An Extra Shot, Jo-Jo tells Freddie about her dark secret. Confused, vulnerable and in a state of shock, he says he needs time to think about what to do next. Jo-Jo’s right to be worried. Freddie doesn’t react well...


Freddie and JoJo have tried so many times to make their love work, but life and misunderstandings have driven them apart again and again. In this final story, they search through their history to try and find out if they are one for the ages - or simply a memory of a possibility.

I've had some struggles with Freddie and JoJo throughout the series. There were times that I thought one or the other or both needed to seriously chill and communicate. But I always found something to love in their story as well. This is a worthy final episode. The flashbacks give a richer context for their emotional struggle and that brings satisfaction to the resolution.

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I was born in Walsall, grew up in the West Midlands and now live in Telford with my two cats, Boris and Tai. After working in the health and social care sector for over thirty years, I have now written the trilogy that has been rooted in my head for most of my life. The Shots trilogy is based on a first love relationship I had as a teenager. It tells the story of Freddie and Jo-Jo, who are reunited in a coffee shop three decades after the end of their teenage romance. How they originally met, why they parted, what happens in their lives apart, and what happens when they reunite is all told through a series of first person vignettes. Getting these stories down on paper has been a cathartic process. I hope you enjoy them.

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