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Excerpt: Holding Out for a Hero

Updated: May 4

Book Description

We humans have always outnumbered Jelvias—that was until falling birth rates became a reality.

And now the Jelvia: bigger, stronger, disease and injury resistant—and venomous—looks set to topple us from world domination. Some say it’s too late to acknowledge the invisible technology that distorts the truth about the Jelvian timeline. And others live in oblivion knowing—or not wanting to know—that there is no scientific proof sustaining that Jelvias evolved alongside us on our planet; they don’t question why there is no photography, ancient books, or old Jelvian fossils, or even why they aren’t any old Jelvias. They definitely don’t recognise the danger we are in. And journalist, Macy Shaw, is one of those people. When she was twelve years old, her mother was murdered, and subconsciously ever since, Macy’s been searching for a hero. But the hero she found was a Jelvia. Undeterred, she used her connections to go after the biggest story of her life. Narcifer saved a woman by merely being a Jelvia—his presence causing terror and making the assailants flee. And it amused him when his “heroism” created a national stir, so when a pretty little red-head asked to interview him for a story, Narcifer felt compelled to grant it to her, especially when she gave all the signals that she wanted more than a story. However, on the night Narcifer inadvertently became a hero, he had been tracking a scientist with orders to kill, and strangely no matter where Narcifer’s line of investigation took him, his search always brought him back to the red-headed journalist, Macy Shaw.

This book is the first in the JELVIA: NOT HUMAN series. Each book will slowly reveal the true identity of the Jelvia.

JELVIA: NOT HUMAN books can be read as a standalone novel, although you’ll gain a better understanding of the Jelvian world by reading in order. Based on the story Eden by Louise Wise.

Excerpt (Please note: this book was definitely ADULT - the excerpt is even NSFW. This excerpt has had some sexual content removed.)

Excerpt from chapter twenty-three.

Macy Shaw, a journalist, has become obsessed with Jelvias—another species living alongside the human—and is certain they aren’t the heinous assassins the media claim them to be. For research purposes, on a story she hopes to write, she becomes friendly with Narcifer, a Jelvian man.

And alone with him in his hotel room, her interview technique doesn’t go according to plan…

‘Well, Narcifer? Do you blindly kill, or do you do your own research?’

He made a guttural sound in his throat, and when she peeked at him, he was gripping the arms of the chair. His knuckles had turned white.

‘Well?’ she asked again...

‘We have our own researchers. They do all the hard work. We just follow orders.’ He spoke quickly...

‘Have they ever been wrong?’

‘Not while I’ve been a Warden.’

‘Why do you kill humans? Why not allow us to punish our own criminals?’

He growled at her and dropped to his knees in front of her. His face was inches from her own hand touching herself. He licked his lips and didn’t reply.

‘Maybe Aldarn will like my interview technique?’ she asked.

He glared at her. ‘I don’t think so!’...

‘What’s it like to kill someone?’ she asked.

He stilled, then looked up at her. ‘Still interviewing?’

She lifted the tee-shirt she was wearing and pulled it off. She cupped her breasts, arched her back and let out an ecstatic sigh of pleasure.

‘Ah, I see,’ he said. ‘This is to get your own back from our time in the cave.’

She opened one eye and gave a half-smile.

‘To answer your question about what it feels like, I distance myself from it. The person I’m killing isn’t a person. It’s a disease. A disease of humankind.’

‘And what do you call a disease? Now it’s murder, rape, et cetera, but what about thieves and other, lesser, crimes?’

Narcifer didn’t answer.


I had to do a lot of skimming through this book. The sexual content is definitely grown up. I am a little sad that the book relied so heavily on erotica because it has a really intriguing concept. Minority Report meets V in a world reminiscent of Total Recall - with a few interesting twists. The book was too sexual for me, but it is well-written and will definitely please sci-fi fans who enjoy plenty of sizzle.

Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.com/Holding-out-Hero-Jelvia-Human-ebook/dp/B07RJSP169


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