• Becca McCulloch

Review: A Crown in Time

About the book In the far future, a convicted criminal is given a chance at redemption. Her mission? To save the crown of France by convincing a young noble not to join the ill-fated Eighth Crusade. But nothing goes as planned, and Isobel finds herself accompanying a hot-headed youth on his way to fight the infidel in Tunis: a battle Isobel knows is fated to be lost. From the rainy villages of medieval France, to the scorching desert of Tunis – Isobel faces her destiny and tries to fulfil her duty, knowing she can never return to her time, knowing that a wrong move can doom the future, or doom her to be burned as a witch. 


This book was a little hit or miss for me. The premise is very intriguing. The idea of time as a flexible concept has always been a favorite. The added tension that an rrror in the timeline could lead to being erased helped keep the pace of the story. 

I really enjoyed that the historical element was so visceral. Usually time travel stories get the sci go right and the history wrong. This one was a bit the opposite. I was frustrated that the author kept skipping over the tech element. It was convenient to say that the tech was protected but it didn’t make for the most compelling storytelling. 

Overall, the twists and turns made thus an enjoyable read. I don’t often find things that appeal to both my love of past and future so I was pleased to find this one. It reminded me a little of The Astronaut’s Wife. I’d recommend it to other fans of that work. 

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