• Becca McCulloch

Review: A Miracle for Ann

This is a heartwarming story of faith, love and the miracles of Christmas. Ann is two-years-old and was recently diagnosed with autism. Her parents are desperate to help her. Ann shows great promise. However, she needs early intervention at an expensive preschool. Going to school could give Ann the life her parents always dreamed of for her. But paying for the school would take a miracle, and this Christmas season, miracles seem to be in short supply. 


I worked in pediatric medicine for a decade before I returned to academic life. Parents would bring me their children for help with nutrition and I would try to help them face reality while still being the cheerleader and dream squadron we need our parents to be. 

A Miracle for Ann held all that was sad and beautiful in my career. We journey with Ann’s parents from diagnosis to the passage of a legislative bill that will let Ann fulfill one of the dreams her parents have cherished: an education. 

It’s difficult to appreciate the heart-stretching experience of a child who faces large challenges. This book gives us a peek, but maintains a bit of narrative distance I wish had been eliminated. I could applaud and have compassion but the writing kept me one step outside the experience - an observer rather than participant. 

Still, this is an important book about an important topic. Unless you work in children’s medicine or love a child facing these challenges, you’ll rarely even get this close to the topic. A Miracle for Ann could be the miracle you need to see the world through the challenging perspective of children with autism. Ann’s parents become all parents - eager to find solutions in a world too quick to claim nothing can be done. 

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