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Review: Right on the Monet

New York

Claude Monet painting is stolen


Of all the things Harry Chase had imagined in his life, being a drummer on a cruise ship band was not one that would have occurred to him. And yet, there he was. Centre stage, behind a young female singer along with his mates, Dave, Tony and Steve.

Which meant that getting involved in a jewellery theft, an on-board massage parlour and the hunt for an Old Master was even further from his mind as he cracked the snare drum.

And yet, this was exactly how he found himself being questioned by Interpol …..


Almost over-the-hill Harry joins the ranks of Mrs. Pollifax and Jessica Fletcher as a hapless detective forced into service by circumstance. In this novel, Harry and his friends solve a series of jewel thefts aboard a cruise ship and lead the officials to an art theft ring. 

There was enough here to keep the pages turning. The mystery unfolds slowly, increasing in intrigue at appropriate intervals to keep me curious. I enjoyed the personalities on the page, for the most part, though I took a long time to bond with the primary lead. 

I generally read female perspectives and this male perspective challenged me. Too much blood in the nether regions and treatment of women as cards to be exchanged in an endless game of see-her-naked. Throw in a group of prostitutes and I was rather uncomfortable several times. But the men mostly redeemed themselves by the end and there were several sweet moments between the married couples that reminded me that men are capable of valuing women beyond sexual pleasure. 

But that was the main complaint for an otherwise enjoyable book. The friends worked together well. Their dialogue and banter were believable as was the collective mid-life crisis that drove them to life as an on-board old-boy band. The mystery moved along well, though the middle dragged a bit. The ending is sweet and fun and satisfying. I’ll recommend the story to readers of mystery and those who enjoy novels about friendship and aging.

Author Bio – Malcolm Parnell has a passion for painting and

teaches art and drawing skills when he is not working on his next novel.

His other passion, apart from his good lady wife, Marion, is Leicester City Football Club. Becoming an author and Leicester win the Premier League have been two of his greatest ambitions realised.

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