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In 2016, I won the Storymakers 1st Chapter contest in the Historical/General fiction category for a story about a young missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-

Day Saints. Lannie Lewis won hearts as she awkwardly slunk into her seat during a long plane ride to the Dominican Republic.

Over the past three years, I've refined the novel through more than a hundred interviews with returned missionaries from the LDS church. I've heard triumphs and failures enough to fill a dozen novels. (And, in 2018, I won the contest again with another character on a mission who I'll introduce to you soon!).

Those personal experiences gave life to Lannie. I'm so excited to bring her into the world. She's relatable and real as she embarks on a journey to bring herself and others to Christ. I can't wait for you to read it on November 3rd.

Here's the blurb.

Bookish and street-smart Hermana Lannie Lewis wants to be more than the child of a broken home who flunked out of music school. Full-time mission service will carry her away from the problems with her dad and immerse her hands in the work of God, or, it would, if she’d stop hiding in the bathroom and wishing the island had better plumbing and bug spray. Through trials and plenty of mistakes, maybe she'll learn to be on the errand of angels, even if she never fits in with the crowd.

(You're the first people to read that blurb. What did you think? Feel free to leave me suggestions in the comments.)

My editor sent me an amazing letter after she read this project, but it contained an ominous line. "So much love for this project...but it needs the most amazing cover ever."

Oh my.

I've worried over that line. Each word in Hermana has been a labor of love. I've sweat over the images, worried about each phrase. And yet I've never really fashioned the cover.

And let's face it - I'm pretty old.

The one thing I don't want for this book is for it to feel like my generation. The young women serving missions worldwide today are so vibrant, alive, and aware. The artwork that reflects them should be the same. In praying about this problem, I had an idea - perhaps a wonderful, awful idea.

I need a youthful, inspirational artist to design an image for my cover.

Book Image Contest

Dates: October 1-10th

Submissions: A work of art that you feel matches my book. Submit as a .jpg or .tiff in high resolution. Photography, sculpture, watercolor - any medium is acceptable. You will be required to sign a limited-use release of your image in order to submit.

You can see the visuals that inspired the book on Pinterest.

You can read the first chapter over at Instafreebie.

Click HERE for submission form.

Contest Rules

The contest officially opens on October 1st. Submissions will be made through a Google Form after October 1st. Submissions must be received by October 10th, 2018.

Submissions must be original to the creator but not to the contest. Prior work is acceptable.

All images in the artwork must match LDS missionary dress guidelines: https://missionary.lds.org/clothing/sister/

Submissions must match the Amazon guidelines for ebook covers: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G200645690

Be respectful of others. No erotica, horror, racist, anti-LGBTQ or anti-religious imagery will be tolerated. Unacceptable images will be deleted from the database.

El libro está ambientado en la República Dominicana. Se anima a los artistas nativos a postularse. Para obtener ayuda con la traducción de los materiales de envío, contácteme.


Grand prize: $150

Artwork will be featured on my website and in the novel.

Honorable Mention: $50

Artwork will be featured on my social media during novel release.

All images selected for the voting phase will be published on the blog along with author name and will be given an advanced ebook copy of Hermana at release.

Not an artist? Well, you can win, too. Help me to spread the word about this contest over the next week using the wiki below or via Rafflecopter. Details are also available on my Facebook page.

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