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Review: The Trouble with Fairy Godmothers


The first chapter introduces you to an ugly duckling who only needs a little shot of confidence to unfold her inner swan. Her fairy godmother provides just the right dose of magic to drag an unexpected Cinderella into the spotlight. The writing is clean with plenty of humor and memorable characters. 

Nikki makes a charming protagonist even if the author draws heavily on the clumsy-girl trope. Her search for a first kiss resonates with the feat most girls fear about being undesirable. We can’t imagine there is a future for girls denied male approval. 

I was more than a little disappointed that Nikki didn’t learn to value herself beyond male opinion. In fact, the dependence on stereotype and lack of deeper morality were the primary drawbacks. In the last chapter, Nikki mistreats the school outcast and dreams about the popular boy known to mistreat anyone beneath him. While the moment is realistic, the scene hurt me to my bones. I had hoped for deeper, more meaningful character development. 

However, the story is a lovely modern fairy tale. I loved the interaction of the friends and I hope that one day Nikki realizes where the treasures in life really lie and how little it matters if your hair is poofy or flat. But I was a teenager once. I cared about my hair and thought my life would end if no one kissed me. I left high school without that kiss. I went I college and didn’t get kissed. I was 28 before anyone kissed me. And I survived just fine. 

But my inner teenager reminds me that fifteen-year-old me spent a lot of time wishing for magic potions that would make boys notice me. So while 42-year-old me sighs in impatience, I have to commend the writer on capturing ideas - no matter how sexist and minimizing - that consume the teenaged mind. 

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I have always been drawn to dating and relationship stories, whether it's movies, books, friends or strangers. I love the excitement of new loves and the hilarious disasters that dating tends to create. Writing has always been a passion of mine, but I tend to dedicate my time to other activities, as well. I enjoy playing the piano, teaching, baking, camping and scrapbooking. I have a soft spot for animals, trains and thunderstorms. 

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