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Review: Bespokist Guide to London

First, apologies to Rachel for this tardy post. Quality can’t be rushed, as the modern bespokist would declare (it also can’t guarantee quality internet which is why this post-camping post is au stark - I’ll fix that later for the less stylish).

The Bespokist Society Guide to…London

"sparse... some glaring omissions” FoodPorn London “only page 23 is of mild interest” http://www.londonpetlover.com “Wow!!! A genuinely bespoke city guide!!!” Tommy Sponge, Chairman, The Bespokist Society You have in your hands one of the most curated city guides ever created. As the first travel book produced by the hugely influential Bespokist Society, this handy guide takes you to a London you’ve never seen: a London of challenging Etruscan restaurants, edgy branding parlours, emoji hotels and hidden Icelandic communities; a London where 8-ply toilet paper is a thing. On the way, meet an eclectic band of inspiring Londoners - from scriveners to socialites via urban wordsmiths and coffee preachers - and see why London is now the global epicentre of Bespokist consciousness, community and culture.

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Book Review

To be honest, I’m nowhere near bespoke enough to need or use a bespokist guide. I had to surf the internet and ask a man-bunned college student sporting fancy coffee and a vintage bike before I had any idea what I had offered to review.

To be bespoke is to be in the know on the latest trends. This quirky little (fictional) guide promises no more or less. It’s one part cheeky fun and three parts everything wrong with gentrification. From sandwiches you can only eat once in your life to art galleries that probably closed up while you read the paragraph, this guide attempts to lure us all into the impossible world of the impossibly trendy.

That wouldn’t be all that attractive except its writers have peppered the guide with such unashamed love and passion that you can’t help but chase their recommendations with the glee of a schoolchild. Somehow, this is the London you’ve sought without knowing it even existed.

This isn’t a guide for your first trip to London unless you’re an unequivocal snob. No, this is a book for those of us who love London so deep in our bones that we always have an excuse to cross the pond or hop the train. So once you’ve seen the Queen’s guard and wandered the gardens of Hampton, tuck this little guide in your kindle and head off for the hidden haunts that only appear if you know the secret knock and speak a riddle’s answer. No, not really. But if you’re not really cool and really lucky, you probably won’t find the place at all and will end up eating at some awesome fish & chips stand where the conversation is better than the food - and you won’t regret a minute of the journey.

Author Bio – The Bespokist Society Guide to London is a work of fiction written by born and bred Londoner, Jeremy Liebster. Somewhat surprisingly, Jeremy is also a city lawyer – formerly at DLA Piper and now a General Counsel within a large private equity group. Jeremy is utterly obsessed with travel books and although he might poke fun at urban fads, hipster fried chicken is his guilty pleasure. He also has an unusual interest in clothes hangers.

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