• Becca McCulloch

Review: A Tangled Ruse

Laura Beers delivers another installment in her family drama about a group of spies during the Napoleonic wars. For the most part, Ms. Beers weaves her novels together well. She gives enough back story that new readers can follow the over-arching plot. 

This particular romance introduces Rachel and Luke, who become embroiled in the treachery as Napoleon’s minions move toward invasion. The romance was built largely on trope and I never quite invested in it, but it will likely please its fans.

Ms. Beers strength lies in her witty dialogue and she doesn’t disappoint here. Rachel is bubbly and slightly immature. She babbles from page 1 about being a spy and uses code names without thought. 

Because she felt and seemed immature, I struggled with her as a romantic heroine. She does grow on the page and there is some change in behavior,  but overall she felt too young to be anyone’s life partner and I’d think twice before trusting her with state secrets. 

Despite a character challenge, I always enjoy the political espionage in Ms. Beers’s story. The cast is growing quite large, which is and will be a challenge as this series progresses. There is plenty of story outside the romance. With each volume, I wish the stories would be more spy and less love story. I miss Shadow at the lead and would love to see her return to full prominence as heroine 

But that’s not likely an opinion shared by fans of Regency Romance. On that account, Ms. Beers continues to serve up the fluffy, mildly historic fare that pleases fans of the genre. 

Book Description

After a failed abduction attempt, Lady Rachel is sent into hiding on her uncle’s estate near the sleepy village of Rockcliffe on the shores of Scotland. As she struggles to cope with the nightmares of her past, she unwittingly stumbles into even greater danger than she left behind. And this time, Shadow isn't around to save her. Luke Beckett, the Marquess of Downshire, was content running his stud farm in solitude, far from the scheming of the devious women of Society. That is, until his neighbor's infuriatingly contrary niece rides into his life. Hiding behind the guise of a common horse trainer, he begins to form a peculiar friendship with Lady Rachel, without the constraints of his title. However, the longer the ruse continues, the more Luke realizes there is much more at stake than just their friendship. With the looming threat of a French invasion, Luke and Rachel must work together to stop the tangled web of treachery before it is too late. When the truth is finally revealed, will they have the strength to trust each other with their hearts, or will the fear of rejection destroy their relationship before it has a chance to begin 

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