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Book Review: Life Lived Not Lost by Cynthia Staton

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Book Review

Let me acknowledge that this book was very relevant to me. I’m a woman of faith and a foster mom who daily deals with the struggles Ms. Staton describes. I’m also a healthcare provider who worked for almost a decade in a cystic fibrosis clinic.  So every page had me nodding in understanding, even in the few moments where her understanding of disease or medical practice might have been rudimentary. 

Yeah, I got you, girl. 

The book follows the author from her abusive childhood through her conversion to Christianity and the loss of her daughter who suffered from cystic fibrosis. Not enough trouble? Oh, okay. There’s also a son with autism. Ms. Staton has not lived an easy life. 

There’s a lot to love on these pages. The story is told with grit and I loved the hard reality. I grew up hearing that religious people were weak and stupid - Ms. Staton proves that isn’t true. Most believers find faith through a dozen refining fires. Our strength is born of reinforced breaks and carefully welded seams. 

The narrative is straightforward with little nuance. The prose is not powerful, but it is effective. There’s a complete honesty on the page that makes up for the lack of evocative imagery. This is the story - and it hurts. We see all the glory and grit of faith along with a resilience that is Ms. Staton’s alone. 

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35419962-life-lived-not-lost 


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