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Author Interview: Prakash vir Sharma

Book Review

In W to M of Self-Publishing, Prakash vir Sharma details his

own self-publication journey and discusses the pitfalls and successes that have made him who he is today. Mr. Sharma boasts of high book sales, largely related to his success in using social media as a marketing tool. The book is broken out into useful sections with each section tackling a major hurdle in self-publication.

I found the structure of this book to be very useful. I wish I'd read it before I attempted to market by own stories. I appreciated that the book was full of practical tips that could easily be implemented. The book wasn't overwhelming in its magnitude - most of the tips were simple and I loved that there were no complicated spreadsheets or algorithms. Mr. Sharma offers simple, straightforward advice about how to use social media to your advantage.

There were a few downsides. The author is from India and I struggled at times with what appeared to be writing errors, but were probably due to cultural differences in language use. This applied to the formatting as well. The other downside that i found was that it assumed you have natural ability with social media. Mr. Sharma mentions that he used his 1500 friends on social media to advance his book. Goodness, I've never had 1500 of anything, especially not friends or family.

However, once I set those aside, I found this book very worth the time. It's a great length and could be used for those with social media acumen to increase sales and advance their presence as an author.

Book excerpt

Author Interview

What was your inspiration for creating this publication?

"W to M of Self-Publishing" is a comprehensive guide for Indie authors. In this book I have not only shared about my experiences of publishing five books, but also focused on strategies which helped me hitting #1 bestseller on Amazon. The inspiration behind this book are those frequently asked questions which many authors keep posting here and there.

What is your process for writing a novel? Are you a plotter? A pantser? Do you outline or let the story develop as it goes?

I believe in outlining. I set my target message or summary of the story and then keep developing it.

What is your favorite go-to advice for an emerging writer?

While you are outlining your book, outline your marketing strategies.

Be a good reader and passionate learner.

If you don't have readers, all of your efforts are waste. So, don't rush to publish books, but focus to establish your author brand and hook the readers.

What do you hope a reader gains from having read your book?

Actually, I am a social thinker and that's why I love to help others. So, while I write, I focus on a message to bring positive changes in the society. My stories are very interesting and inspiring and published as "Life In Shackles".

What kind of research did you do for this novel?

Everyone wants to hit bestseller rank but don't know how to get it. Many writing coaches tell it's tough to almost impossible level, but I hit that rank even without paid promotions. Sounds interesting?

How do you feel that you changed as a person and/or writer after completing this work?

I think if an author will read "W to M of Self-Publishing" carefully, and follow the tips and tricks, he/she can hit top rank on Amazon. The strategies written in this book are proven.

What's next for you? Do you have any works in progress?

I am working on three books in Hindi language. Translated version of my self-help book "Mindset And Passion - The Psychology Of Success" is almost finished and under editing process. Next two books I am writing are: a novel, and a poetry collection.

Furthermore, I am outlining two books: The Positive Side of Negativity, Success: the Game of Opportunities and Strategies.

Author Bio

Prakash Vir Sharma is a bestselling Indian author. He is sharing the secrets of successful self-publishing based on his experience of publishing five books.


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