• Becca McCulloch

Author Spotlight: Bobbi Shemerhorn

I'm not a fan of dragons. Fantasy is a little meh for me, in general. But dragons really bug me.

So I was very surprised when I fell in love with Bobbi Schemerhorn's mechanical dragons. She writes them beautifully - anthropomorphized only enough to allow us to

read about them. Otherwise, they come across as animals from the way they move to the methods they use to communicate with one another.

In addition to really cool dragons, Bobbi's characters are lush and complex. They unravel in such profound ways as the tension in the Mechanical Dragons series mounts.

The four-book series walks a very fine line between fantasy and steam punk. There are moments that it feels more contemporary than other-worldly despite the magic woven into a story line that's both political and fantastical.

I was thrilled when Bobbi agreed to do a YouTube interview with me. She's smart and funny and profound, so I hope you'll take a moment to view the video and then go discover her amazing dragons for yourself.


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