• Becca McCulloch

Review: A Peculiar Courtship by Laura Beers

Ah, love. No on is immune, not even secret agents.

Laura Beers continues her Regency Spy series with the story of Eliza's brother, Jonathon, who finds love with the woman he's sworn to protect.

Jonathon was dashing in Saving Shadow and he continues to be the consummate gentleman, a moral James Bond of simpler times. He's got some great lines in here and he's swoon-worthy enough to please the romance crowd.

Hannah is the daughter of a nobleman who has become entangled in the intrigue of the day. We meet her attempting disguise as she tries to avoid capture. Hannah is sweet and unassuming, though brave and quick to rally to the cause.

The two leads quickly find themselves dealing not only with the mystery of the moment, but their mad attraction for each other. Within days, they recognize fate has led them to their future - if only they can survive their present.

My favorite part of a Laura Beers novel isn't the romance, however. I was thrilled to see the return of Eliza, who is an interesting and off-trope character. The mystery of how the various nobles interact with Napoleonic Europe remains the best part of this series. I eagerly flip pages, trying to find out how each of the characters play into this continent-wide whodunnit.

The primary pitfall of this novel for me was in Hannah. She's the classic woman in distress. Jonathon's love for her felt flat - she is loved because she is beautiful and kind. After falling in love with Eliza in the first book, I was disappointed to have such a standard heroine thrown at me.

That said, the book is sure to please on many fronts. The language is accessible while still feeling true to the world-building and the characters have quippy, fun dialogue. Personally, I'll read the series for the intrigue - though I know others will be delighted by the romance.

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