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Author Interview: Kierstin Marquet

I'm not an "easy sell" for a book. I've read too much. I know all the plots and tropes. For a book to keep me up past my bedtime, it really has to have a special something that keeps me turning pages. Kierstin Marquet's Three Reluctant Promises earned the distinction of forcing me to hold open my eyelids until the very last page.

Keirstin has a natural gift for tension in her writing. The book moves at a really fast pace, which keeps the plot from getting lost in the romantic elements.

The characters do, at times, rely on stereotype and trope, some of which I found uncomfortable. However, there's a lot of gritty realism in the criminal elements, which made up for the occasional frustration with characterization.

Overall, this is one of my favorite indie books, so any complaints I had were small. I'm so glad that Kierstin agreed to come on the blog. I was thrilled to have a chance to get to know her a little.

Author Interview

Why did you decide to write this story?

I started to read a book about a girl falling in love with her kidnapper. By chapter two they fell into bed. I stopped reading and thought, "...Why would a girl really fall in love? He'd have to be an awesome human being facing insurmountable odds that made him desperate for help." The ideas started flying--so did the bullets in the story.

What kind of research did you do for this novel? Is there any detail you found in your research that particularly interested you?

I did all kinds of research, but the weirdest probably was asking my coroner friend how long it would take to burn a body. I Googled Puerto Penasco, an ocean hugging town in Mexico. I created my male MC based on tourist information. I know him so well, I can tell you that he played in the ocean as a child and collected shells out of the tide pools for his mother's jewelry making business and later helped his auto mechanic dad repair cars. When my MC was nine, he raced cars in the nearby sand dunes. What my readers know is that he's a mechanic who loves and respects his parents, thrives on surfing and can drive evasively while bullets are flying. I also interviewed a female semi-truck driver. She let me climb up into her cab and into the trailer so I could write a realistic scene. She also explained that a new driver would be really sore from using the clutch a lot.

What's next for you? Do you have any works in progress?

I have five books in the Mason Jar Series (including a free prequel) that are almost ready for publication. Starting in January 2018, I plan on releasing one a month. I'm very excited!

Author Bio

Award-winning author Kierstin Marquet graduated Cum Laude from Weber State University with a bachelor’s of science in criminal justice and a minor in psychology. She worked in law enforcement but eventually left crime fighting to her husband, a federal law enforcement officer, when they started a family. Her Mason Jar Series was inspired by experiences growing up as a police officer’s daughter, such as getting pulled over with lights (thankfully, no siren) in the church parking lot and going to crime scenes in her nightgown. Kierstin admits she was too young to understand why she got to sleep in the back of Utah’s first Mobile Crime Lab while her dad processed crime scenes, but a love of sleuthing was born through these interactions with him.

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