• Becca McCulloch

Sales! Sales! Sales Everywhere!

I am not in the mood to blog. I'm not in the mood to life. I did NOT break my foot last Saturday. No amount of pain and grumpiness will convince me otherwise. I'm just sitting in bed with my foot elevated because I want to read a lot of books and it's comfortable.

And no, I won't post a photo. I don't want your medical knowledge interfering with my denial.

In the meantime, I bring to you....the land of summer sales. Lindzee Armstrong, author of Chasing Someday, has united with 56 other authors to bring you the summer sale to fill your kindle. Every genre and every level of summer-worthy heat. So grab one while they're available and hope your children don't disappear while you get lost in a great book.

And...Liv Bartlet's book, Production Values, is also on sale. I was really only a glorified amateur editor on this book so I feel ZERO guilt in bragging on it. It's a very good story and

well-written. My friend creates deeply emotional prose that drags you into a scene. It's a modern morality play that leaves you thinking about how we treat people in our new-age issues-driven morality and whether we let activism overwhelm our compassion. In addition, it's a book about friendship - why we value it and why we let it go - and family, for good or ill. Wrapped inside all of that is a really juicy, stinking-hot romance. Honestly, Liv is talented. She'll be a known name one day. And you're going to pretend that you read Production Values before she was famous - wouldn't it be nice if that were actually true? So jaunt over to her spanking-new website and grab a copy for $0.99. You'll like it. I know you will. It's just that good.

Read it if you watch Hollywood awards shows or read US magazine (just for the articles, I'm sure) and/or raved about how the Wonder Woman movie changed your life

Skip it if you have no taste - no, I'm mostly kidding, but if you look for "clean reads", this probably isn't the novel for you (though you should make an exception - it's worth it). The book is gritty and real and uses modern language and morality to make that point.


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