• Becca McCulloch

The first book signing

So, what was it like to sign something I wrote? Here's a list of 5 things...because every good post has 5 things (it said so on the Internet).

1. Surprisingly awkward. Really. I had no idea what to say when people said nice things to me. I mumbled "Oh, glad you liked it" and then concentrated on my signature, because book signing has one heck of a...

2. A learning curve. It didn't occur to me to practice signing my pseudonym. For obvious reasons, using your legal signature to sign books is a bad idea. But that legal signature was the process of dozens of years of signing things. When someone handed me the book to sign, my hand froze up, unsure how to form the necessary letters in the proper order. It's a vaguely-intelligible scribble that I hope evolves in time because, of course, there will be more signings, right? I want there to be because signings are...

3. Kinda super-awesome. I signed a wall. How fun is that?!

4. How fun, you ask? Full-on geek fun. Five authors signed each others' books and giggled as they wrote on a wall and read books to each other. We WERE the nerd zone (and it was AWESOME). And finally...

5. I wasn't a poet. And now they all know it. That super-pithy tagline that famous people include with their signature? That thing is not easy to create. Give those famous people mad respect for having one, no matter the pith.

So, now I'm so super-legit that I can even take credit cards. Watch out, world. I'm here to stay. (Please buy my books - it'll be less annoying for both of us that way.)


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