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Review: Pieces of You and Me

They say time can heal all wounds… When Jess and Rupert parted ways, it was the end of a great love story that might have been. Now ten years later, the very different paths they have taken in life will bring them back together for a chance meeting. But with so much left unsaid about the break up neither ever recovered from and with each keeping their own devastating secrets, will they finally be able to make the fractured pieces of their love for one another whole again? Review Love once lost gets explored in this novel with  a beautiful sense of character. Jess has a strong voice on the page that shines through dialogue and action. The supporting cast is also interesting, drawn well and fu

Cover Reveal: The Greenmen

Aereon has found the Creators. He’s crossed seas and mountains to find them, tangled with dwarves and ogres along the way, finally had to tangle with an irate yeti to rescue them and now they tell him that they really weren’t in any great need of help. As far as they are concerned, they were getting on just fine before Aereon showed up. In fact, now they have King Victarian searching for them, all thanks to Aereon’s mouth. The trio, along with two dwarves, Volris and Silvor who have joined their party, must move. Aereon must get the Creators back home and fulfil his duty. Local woodsman, Lars, has agreed guide them through Oak’s Wood, but even he cannot know what lies in wait for them within

New Release!

A writer friend who is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has released a book that will definitely be in my repertoire very soon. As many know, in my faith tradition, we are not professional leaders or musicians. Instead, we all share responsibilities - an entire congregation of "jacks of all trades". Sometimes, that's inspiring. And sometimes it means you're floundering in a responsibility you never wanted. Choir director falls to me more often than I'd like because I can sing - and we all know that anyone who can sing must know about music, right? Well...no. I do know a bit about music but not about conducting. So I'm grateful that I'll have this book nearby to help me remember the purpose, na