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Book Review: The Second Cup

In The Second Cup by Sarah Marie Graye, four friends are undone by the discovery that the much-discussed, long-lost-love of one of the friends has been sighted, mysteriously. Or...maybe not sighted. Faye isn't the most trustworthy of narrators, a fact well-known among the friends. But the possibility of the sighting stirs up a cacophony of "what ifs" that drive each of the four friends to make a dramatic re-assessment of the decisions that have shaped their current reality. In the end, the lies they've told each other - and themselves - change the destiny of all four women irrevocably. Sarah Marie Graye eloquently expresses the emotional secrets we keep from even those who make our lives wor

Review: A Peculiar Courtship by Laura Beers

Ah, love. No on is immune, not even secret agents. Laura Beers continues her Regency Spy series with the story of Eliza's brother, Jonathon, who finds love with the woman he's sworn to protect. Jonathon was dashing in Saving Shadow and he continues to be the consummate gentleman, a moral James Bond of simpler times. He's got some great lines in here and he's swoon-worthy enough to please the romance crowd. Hannah is the daughter of a nobleman who has become entangled in the intrigue of the day. We meet her attempting disguise as she tries to avoid capture. Hannah is sweet and unassuming, though brave and quick to rally to the cause. The two leads quickly find themselves dealing not only with

Off Script - it's finally happening!

I honestly never thought this moment would be here. The first LDS protagonist in a contemporary romance novel. And I love her. Of course, I helped to craft her - so I'm pretty invested in this story. Bea is so many things the modern LDS woman longs to see represented - she's very smart, great at her career, loves her religion, and she's flawed. Her humanity is the core of this love story as her faith collides with modern expectations to complicate what should be an epic romance. Production Values, the first novel to feature Bea, is available for free for the next few days. Grab a copy and get to know Bea before her story releases on January 25th. #books #sales

In Memoriam of a Good Man

My dad died a month ago. I've taken time off to feel his loss, but it didn't feel right to resume normal function without some recognition of the loss. So I share with you the life sketch I gave at Dad's funeral last month. I love you, Daddy. I miss you. I asked my sons to describe their Papa to help me write this sketch. My oldest said, “Papa was silly. And he was a tickler.” My youngest said, “Papa was a tricker.” But then my oldest said, “Papa was too many things.” I’ve pondered on the simple truth in my son’s attempt to dodge a conversation. My father was a lot of “things” and trying to boil that down to 5 minutes is a daunting task. He was an example. A leader. A friend. A husband. A Ch