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Sterling R. Walker: Orphan Ship

Sterling Walker writes accessible and personable science fiction. Her character-driven stories create palpable tension as she weaves in jaw-dropping events and mystifying situations. I love the energy in her works and the way she uses dialogue to maintain tension. She never plunges into page after page of technical description, which is great for a non-science fiction enthusiast like me. I love her characters and the energy in her stories. They bridge the gap between young adult and science fiction very well. Author Q&A Why did you decide to write this story? I wanted to shed some new light on human trafficking. What kind of research did you do for this novel? Is there any detail you found i

Judy Corry: Protect My Heart

This well-reviewed romance is a pleasant, cozy read for a weekend afternoon. The voice is really clear and fun, which makes for a likable and relatable young character. Judy has a good sense of humor that carries the book well and her teenagers avoid that edgy-camp sound that's in vogue in young adult novels. I enjoyed reading about a set of teenagers with normal teenage concerns who made it through the day without handfuls of drugs or severe mental illness (though books about edgy-teens have their place, I realize). This is a high school romance. The bodyguard trope is in full effect and I'll admit to being a little bothered by the older guy and high school girl thing, but I'm so alone in t

Author Interview: Lisa Rector

About a month ago, I discovered a book on Kindle Unlimited that wouldn't let me put it down. Switching Lives by Lisa Rector grabbed me from the start. The premise was rather simple - two sisters end up switched by supernatural means. However, Lisa weaves a tale that is as human as it is fantastic. I scrunched his tee shirt until his left shoulder blade was visible—and the tattoo that covered it. I traced my fingers over the black picture. The angled shapes and the rounded curves. The muscle under my hand jumped with my feather touch. Ben jerked away. “You’ve seen it. Now forget about it.” “Gallows, Ben. Gallows?” With a noose swinging free, calling for the head of a witch. “That’s the oddest

Author Interview: C Michelle Jefferies

The Chrysalis adventure story weaves together contemporary and science fiction to create an intense and emotional adventure as full of emotion as fight sequences. Jefferies is a talented storyteller who sees beyond what is and dares to dream of our world just a little bit sexier. Her characters are an interesting blend of human and superhuman. They do laundry and have families and also happen to battle really evil dudes. It's a fun and provocative romp around an almost-like-home universe. She's also a talented editor and yogi who makes her own journals (it's a thing - I've seen them). Her eclectic contributions to art are definitely worth investigating. You can find her at: https://cmichelle