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Author Interview: C. David Belt

When I first heard about LDS horror fiction, I giggled. LDS fiction has some issues, which I'll probably write about eventually. One of those issues is a complete discomfit with anything naughty. You can create scandal with a bum-slap in most rooms of LDS writers. So, I didn't have much hope for LDS horror. I wondered if the "horror" piece would be hearing someone say "bum-slap" in a crowd. Then I met C. David Belt. Not only is he a top-notch presenter - honestly, his presentation on medieval weaponry made me want to enlist in the feudal system - but his horror has the exact perfect blend of spine-tingling action and LDS culture. I love his horror scenes. They're completely creepy without de

Author Interview: Laura Beers

Do you wonder what lurks in the shadows of Regency novels? Laura Beers has an answer for you in the delightfully intriguing novel, Saving Shadow. Her heroine is a spy in her majesty's service who doesn't hesitate to kill when a little death is necessary. I found the swapped gender roles in the book to be really interesting. Adding darker tinges to the Regency beauty kept me intrigued as we moved through a classic love story. I've enjoyed getting to know Laura in the writer's community. She has a great sense of humor that bleeds on the page and makes her a joy to know. I'm excited to help her promote her book (and herself) as she launches The Beckett Files. Author Interview plus Q&A What is y

Author Interview: Lea Carter

Lea Carter brings modernizes fairy-dom in this charming story about an escaped fairy princess who loses her heart and has to figure out what to do about it. Silver Princess is delightful. As a novella, it's an easy and quick read with believable characters and fun dialogue. The hour I spent with these characters left me wanting oh-so-much more. Right now, Silver Princess is free on Amazon. I highly recommend you grab a copy of this entertaining little story. Author Interview What is your favorite go-to advice for an emerging writer? "Good books aren't written, they're revised." I wish I could remember who I first heard say that, because my google search just now turned up a few variations. I

Author Interview: Kierstin Marquet

I'm not an "easy sell" for a book. I've read too much. I know all the plots and tropes. For a book to keep me up past my bedtime, it really has to have a special something that keeps me turning pages. Kierstin Marquet's Three Reluctant Promises earned the distinction of forcing me to hold open my eyelids until the very last page. Keirstin has a natural gift for tension in her writing. The book moves at a really fast pace, which keeps the plot from getting lost in the romantic elements. The characters do, at times, rely on stereotype and trope, some of which I found uncomfortable. However, there's a lot of gritty realism in the criminal elements, which made up for the occasional frustration w

Interview: Jenny Flake Rabe

Jenny Rabe is a true southern treasure in the writing community. She runs the ever-popular LDS Beta Readers writing support group, which currently boasts just shy of 1,200 members. Jenny has helped launch numerous careers. LDS Beta Readers was my first publication credit, thanks to the anthologies her team generously helps to publish each year. We've all waited anxiously for her first novel. It was worth the wait. Playground Treasures is an adorable and touching novel about two children who find healing through friendship. Jenny draws heavily on her knowledge of children to create believable young characters. The situations and drama are created through those pure, simple and yet grand emot