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Cynthia Hilston - Lorna versus Laura

I read a lovely book last month and am THRILLED that the author agreed to be my first-ever author interview here. Lorna versus Laura is the kind of Christian literature we need to create more often. It's deep and thought-provoking and full of the difficulties that come from being divine beings having a human experience. In the novel, Laura loses her parents under tragic circumstances and changes her name to Lorna. She moves. She changes her life and her religious views. She does everything she can to move her trauma into the past. Then she meets a man who has done the same things. These two broken people try to carve a future with each other only to discover that the only path to happiness l

Prayers for Everyone

It's been quite a month. Charlottesville. Houston. The entire west on fire. Irma approaching Florida. And Trump is still President. What's an author to do? Well, that question has an obvious answer. I should give to charity. So, I'm joining an initiative called #uplifting authors. For the month of September, I'll donate 100% of royalties for ebooks bought on this website and 50% (my share) from books sold through Amazon. I'd love to have you help me give back to the ravaged communities across the US. Charities of choice: All Hands - this relief group received an A+ from Charity Watch for having low overhead, excellent transparency and a clear record of doing good.