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It's How You Slice the Pie

This won't be a popular post, but it's a truthful one. So hang on to your hats. A few months ago, I saw a shocking homemade video where a woman and her daughter pulled all the books from a library shelf that didn't match a pre-determined list of pro-feminist characteristics. The creator wanted books with girl protagonists that weren't in stereotyped roles. After she pulled the books, the bare shelf made the viewer gasp. Could it be possible that of hundreds of books, a bare handful were about girls doing important things? I gasped, too, but then my professor side kicked in. Yes, I know that publishing favors men. The vast majority of published books are by men and male-sounding names are mor

Sales! Sales! Sales Everywhere!

I am not in the mood to blog. I'm not in the mood to life. I did NOT break my foot last Saturday. No amount of pain and grumpiness will convince me otherwise. I'm just sitting in bed with my foot elevated because I want to read a lot of books and it's comfortable. And no, I won't post a photo. I don't want your medical knowledge interfering with my denial. In the meantime, I bring to you....the land of summer sales. Lindzee Armstrong, author of Chasing Someday, has united with 56 other authors to bring you the summer sale to fill your kindle. Every genre and every level of summer-worthy heat. So grab one while they're available and hope your children don't disappear while you get lost in a g

Mawwiage is what bwings us togever

We took our children to see two films last weekend. Each had an exchange about marriage that have led to many thoughts about our culture and what it says about love and family. Movie #1: Captain Underpants George: They "like" like each other. Harold: Adults don't "like" like each other. George: Well, you've probably never seen it because your parents are married. Movie #2: Wonder Woman Diana: And do they? Marry and love each other forever? Steve (not Captain America): No. Not really. While the second could be a bad paraphrase (I'll admit that I'm a little old for double-features), the sentiment is the same. Movies and TV and popular culture insist that love and romance end when marriage begi

Flash Fiction: A Key

In the mood for a story? Flash fiction is a very brief story, good for capturing a single image or experience. Here's a piece I wrote earlier today in a 10-minute prompt-based sprint. The small silver key was nondescript, secure in its anonymity. I wanted it to be a skeleton key, antique and mystery-worthy, but it wasn't. It was the exact key I'd bought at Wal-Mart the week before and marked with a Betty Boop sticker to distinguish my own house key from those belonging to the houses of the dogs I walked at the time. But no. It had no interesting markings, no signs of history. Nothing interesting. Just a generic key to a house I'd never find. The green silk shell I'd bought that day was more