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This is not an engaging title

Shh...don't tell anyone. But this is the only thing I've written all week. And we all know what Kafka says, "An unwriting writer is a monster courting insanity." So, enter this blog at your own risk. I'm mostly kidding (and goofing around on giphy - sincere apologies to anyone with seizure or migraine disorder or fear of photoshopped creepy kids). I don't think I'm who Kafka was talking about. I don't think of myself as a writer - those are the people who NPR talks about and who win all-important prizes. You know, the people who write like this: “–I'll just play the notes inside my skull alone in the dark where they roam around loose. 'Cause playing like a slave, I'd just step myself straigh

Silly Selfies and Storymakers

Last year, I entered a contest at Storymakers in Utah. The contest receives hundreds of entries but still provides feedback from a member of the esteemed Storymakers guild for the bargain price of $5. I was desperate for high-level feedback, so I tossed my $5 across the Internet and entered the contest. I skipped the awards luncheon because I assumed I wouldn't miss anything. And then I WON. It was a shock and the first real validation I'd had as a writer. But I missed my moment. Maybe it was funny (okay, it was a little funny). Fast forward a year. I'm in that banquet room with another entry, convinced I'd at least place because fate owed me a do-over....and then I didn't. I'd failed. I was

The first book signing

So, what was it like to sign something I wrote? Here's a list of 5 things...because every good post has 5 things (it said so on the Internet). 1. Surprisingly awkward. Really. I had no idea what to say when people said nice things to me. I mumbled "Oh, glad you liked it" and then concentrated on my signature, because book signing has one heck of a... 2. A learning curve. It didn't occur to me to practice signing my pseudonym. For obvious reasons, using your legal signature to sign books is a bad idea. But that legal signature was the process of dozens of years of signing things. When someone handed me the book to sign, my hand froze up, unsure how to form the necessary letters in the proper